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Holophon Workshop – Your Ear Is A Microscope: “Sound object” manipulation for all

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Holophon Audio Arts


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Event Date and Time

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Your Ear Is A Microscope: “Sound object” manipulation for all – Adam Basanta

What is a “sound object”? How can this concept be useful in experimental music composition, film sound, game sound design, and beyond?

Emphasizing practical, conceptual, and experiential (rather than a purely technical) approaches, the workshop will cover a range of methods for working with recorded sound in the digital domain, from classic tape manipulation techniques and experimental EQ, through digital micro-editing and advanced plug ins, and culminating in the construction of “composite” sound blocks. The entire workshop will focus – following the metaphor of a microscope – on a single sound sample, and the ability to construct rich sound structures out of simple building blocks. The workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced levels. Beginners to sound are welcome if they are familiar with a DAW.

(presented in partnership with PAVED Arts)

All workshops are 100% free to attend and everyone is welcome! If you are having trouble signing into Zoom for the workshop, please email